Sunday, April 12, 2009

Know Marathi? Help in tracking promises by Suresh Kalmadi, MP from Pune

Hi All,

We have collected documentary evidence (in Marathi) substantiating the claims/promises in 2004-2009 manifesto of Suresh Kalmadi, sitting MP from Pune. These will be scanned and put up on the NeverForget gallery shortly. While our enthusiastic Pune volunteers Salil and Anurag have translated some the relevant sections of the docs from Marathi to English, we need more translating ALL you marathi literate friends kindly pitch in.

best wishes,
The NeverForget Team
P.S. Email anupama @ for more info/questions/volunteering


  1. I visited the website and found that there is much to be desired on the usability front. I would have liked a dashboard like approach with AJAX based loading on the lines of google's loksabha2009 portal. The idea is great. don't let it fizzle out due to this constraint. I would suggest to hire some professi0nals to build a more usable portal.


  2. @shiju: Thanks very much for the feedback. Indeed we also like the google portal, and are working to make neverforget like that.

    Sadly, funds are thing we don't have, but we always welcome professional web designers who would be willing to help us pro bono. Do you know some?

    best wishes,
    P.s. You can also email me directly at animesh @


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