Monday, February 2, 2009

"Do we hate politicians"? and other FAQs

Given that the idea of Never Forget came to us after the incidents of 26/11/08, it is natural to ask if we are also of the "all politicians are useless and we hate politics" mindset.

Well, this and other questions like this have been answered in our FAQ, published today.

From the long list of frequently asked questions:
Q. Are you against politicians/politics?
A. No. Of course not. A politician, rather, an elected representative (ER) to us is much like a civil surgeon or a top scientist at ISRO -- a public servant -- someone whom the people have chosen to perform a very specific duty. Our aim is to a) identify and appreciate those ERs who are fulfilling the promises they made to us, and b) to encourage other ERs to do so.

For the answer to
"Which "wing" are you people? Left, center-left, center, center-right, or right?"
and more, go to the FAQ.


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