Thursday, February 26, 2009

Celebrating One Month of Never Forget

Dear all,
One month ago, on Jan 26 2009, the never forget initiative was launched. In the past one month, we have had over 4000 site visitors, over 150 members in our facebook group, and most importantly, over 90 members in the team of volunteers. Not a bad start in my opinion :-).

As part of the celebrations of the first monthiversary, we have the following new developments to report:

1. The blog has a new look, and it now looks just like the main website :). Thanks to Krishnakanth for modifying the blogger template. His account of the process is here.
2. There is an _upcoming events_ section in the left navbar at the website now, and we have a volunteer meeting coming up in Pune on the 28th of Feb.
3. We were covered in today's edition of "Intellient Pune".
4. We are now in possession of the complete official manifesto of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the MP of Pune, provided by none other than his own staff!

And now, as always, is a set of options of what YOU can do to celebrate this event :). If not today, then how about during the weekend?

1. Create a page like Ajay has - listing his thoughts and plans. Amazing stuff in my opinion.
2. Go through the list of promises in Mr. Kalmadi's manifesto, and help us tabulate them.
3. Help us collect the complete list of MPs and MLAs in the country. I am sure there are websites with the info. We just need to make a clean spreadsheet out of it.
4. Spread the word about the site. Blog about it [again :-) ].
5. Pledge to take charge of your city/constituency. See the list for current leads.
6. Feel free to add to this list :)


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