Thursday, February 26, 2009

Celebrating One Month of Never Forget

Dear all,
One month ago, on Jan 26 2009, the never forget initiative was launched. In the past one month, we have had over 4000 site visitors, over 150 members in our facebook group, and most importantly, over 90 members in the team of volunteers. Not a bad start in my opinion :-).

As part of the celebrations of the first monthiversary, we have the following new developments to report:

1. The blog has a new look, and it now looks just like the main website :). Thanks to Krishnakanth for modifying the blogger template. His account of the process is here.
2. There is an _upcoming events_ section in the left navbar at the website now, and we have a volunteer meeting coming up in Pune on the 28th of Feb.
3. We were covered in today's edition of "Intellient Pune".
4. We are now in possession of the complete official manifesto of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the MP of Pune, provided by none other than his own staff!

And now, as always, is a set of options of what YOU can do to celebrate this event :). If not today, then how about during the weekend?

1. Create a page like Ajay has - listing his thoughts and plans. Amazing stuff in my opinion.
2. Go through the list of promises in Mr. Kalmadi's manifesto, and help us tabulate them.
3. Help us collect the complete list of MPs and MLAs in the country. I am sure there are websites with the info. We just need to make a clean spreadsheet out of it.
4. Spread the word about the site. Blog about it [again :-) ].
5. Pledge to take charge of your city/constituency. See the list for current leads.
6. Feel free to add to this list :)


Intelligent and in Pune!

Today's Intelligent Pune covered our initiative, just in time for the upcoming volunteer meet in Pune!

A special thanks to Vinita Deshmukh, editor of the Pune weekly and an activist, who not only published the write up but gave us some sound bytes of advice!

The first Never Forget Pune Chapter Meet

The first ever offline volunteers meet of the Never Forget initiative is scheduled on Saturday, the 28th February 2009, in Pune.

The Taj Blue Diamond, Pune has kindly agreed to sponsor the venue for the meet. The timing will 11am -2pm with a tea break in between.

Readers/volunteers who are in Pune or will be in Pune on the 28th, and have yet not confirmed their participation,please do so ASAP at or Alternately you can confirm your participation by responding to this post with your name and email address/telephone number.

So those of you who have not yet registered to volunteer, NOW is the time! :-)

The agenda of the meet would be rapport building,brainstorming and allocation of responsibilities for volunteers.

So people, what are you waiting for ! No time to waste!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Encore!

We were featured today in the Indian Express, the Pune Newsline pullout.

We aim to draw as many eyeballs to this website and get them converted into volunteers for this initiative. So all you concerned, committed netizens do sign up to volunteer if you have not already done so and refer us to as many as possible.
We have so far, 80+ registered volunteers from all over the world.

And a special thanks to 1conoclast for directing Shalini Narayan of Indian Express our way. She put together the piece which appeared today. Thanks Shalini.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Print Media Debut

Today, 09 February 2009 ,we made our maiden print appearance ! For all those visiting us and not from Pune, here is the teaser and the rest follows!

We have had 400+ visits from Pune today, more than any city in the world! And in no small measure responsible for this is the Pune Mirror and the author of the article Senior Correspondent Mr. Nitin Brahme.

Thank you all and keep visiting and do not forget to sign up to volunteer if you have not yet done so!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crossing Boundaries, getting Known

I am very happy to announce that we [the site and the blog combined] recently crossed 2000 visits! Also, more encouraging is the fact that we now have 50+ volunteers who have signed up from about 10 states!

And of course, the big news of the day is that The Mutiny has chosen to write a post about us! Thanks to Ujj and the entire team.

Thanks are also due to Annie and other bloggers who have sent traffic our way. If you have written a post about us, please let us know in the comments here.


Monday, February 2, 2009

"Do we hate politicians"? and other FAQs

Given that the idea of Never Forget came to us after the incidents of 26/11/08, it is natural to ask if we are also of the "all politicians are useless and we hate politics" mindset.

Well, this and other questions like this have been answered in our FAQ, published today.

From the long list of frequently asked questions:
Q. Are you against politicians/politics?
A. No. Of course not. A politician, rather, an elected representative (ER) to us is much like a civil surgeon or a top scientist at ISRO -- a public servant -- someone whom the people have chosen to perform a very specific duty. Our aim is to a) identify and appreciate those ERs who are fulfilling the promises they made to us, and b) to encourage other ERs to do so.

For the answer to
"Which "wing" are you people? Left, center-left, center, center-right, or right?"
and more, go to the FAQ.