Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks for choosing Action over Words!

This is from a mass thank-you email sent out last night to all those who signed up. Posted here to share/express our excitement to see so many action-oriented fellow-netizens.


At the outset, I must say that we at the team are extremely excited and overwhelmed by the responses we have seen so far to the website, and especially to the "make a difference page"!

We will be responding to each of you individually in the next couple of days [didn't we say we were overwhelmed :-) ], but this mail is to say a quick and loud "thank you!" to you all.

Quick piece of news: We will be at an election reform conference in Mumbai this weekend, meeting like-minded social organizations, and sharing our ideas. More updates to follow at our blog .

Also, we would like to share some quick points with you all:

1. We have gotten responses from 27 people of 8 different states so far. This is great news, as the main goal of this system is for the electorate to track their own representatives, no matter what the level of governance is.

2. We have also received positive responses to our communiques from a sitting MP, and a sitting chief minister [an email from his iPhone, no less] ! More details will be revealed soon :-).

3. Over the next few days, we will be inviting you all to a [very low traffic] team mailing list, so we can have short action oriented discussions over some common topics. Note that this will be different from the announcement mailing list, which is for one-way communication.

4. [ @Abi ] Minor clarification #1: To submit data in the system, one _does not_ need to register. For example, for tracking the MP of Pune, anyone can use the form here. However, much like the editing feature in wikipedia, only when the data submitted in the form has been validated by the team in-charge of that region [Pune in this case], will it go online on the website.

5. [ @Vaibhav ] Minor clarification #2: Please note that there is no bar on which "type" of elected representative we enable the tracking of. At the highest level, we treat the "central government" as one entity, but also each MP as a separate entity, since they both make separate "promises". The same follows for states, cities, and even villages. The current map only shows MPs since that is the only list of names we managed to collect for the launch :-).

6. [ @Ragini ] The main objective of this initiative is to provide a platform where the average voter can a) contibute data about the promise-fulfilment performance of their elected representatives, and b) consult this data to decide their vote come election time. Well-written articles based on [and citing] our data core will go a very long way in reaching out to the common citizen, who might not have the time to go through the raw data.

Hope this has cleared some questions that were asked by you in the form. More info will come in the coming few days, as we prepare to handle the deluge of enthusiasm you all have shown, and also prepare for the meet this weekend.

In the meantime, please keep spreading the word about the site among your friends and loved ones, and let us know if you have any questions/comments.

with best wishes,
Part of the Never Forget Team

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