Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Launch in Numbers

3 days since the launch.

974 site visits.
page views.

41 members in the facebook group.
47 people signed up for announcements

2 sitting MPs and 1 sitting CM respond favorably to our emails.

and to top it all

37 action-oriented people from 8 states signed up to make a difference.

Yes, we are getting somewhere :-).


  1. That's a great start ...We will get there !!!

  2. A good start! Many congratulations.

    Don't you think we should cite more trusty sources on the "Promise Tracker" page (websites maintained by the government, articles published in reputable news agencies, et al)? Promise references for Suresh Kalmadi currently lead you to a wiki site which can be (incorrectly) edited by anyone after completing a simple registration procedure.

    I believe we can find appropriate references for some of the promises on Kalmadi's website:
    I will find as many correct links and send them over to you.

  3. These are some pretty amazing numbers. Enough reason to be excited!

  4. Great !!! I hope the enthu keeps going on :)